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The Federation believes the Board and Government are likely to be more responsive to the industry - and more likely to deliver on their promises - if their actions can be scrutinised. Sometimes even appointed Boards have difficulty controlling the bureaucracy. They get lost in their own importance and lose sight of what their function is and what is needed.

Practitioners’ experience of the Board is that they know the Board exists and they fund it, but the weakness of this system is that the Board can have a long period, when they can do anything they choose (or nothing at all) before they are called to account. Excessive expenditure is a major blight on the system imposed on the industry and practitioners so the Federation will ensure the Boards expenditure is legal and all processes are open. Openness being imposed on the Board will force them into greater efficiency.

The Federation believes better Board decision making and a healthier communication environment will make the industry stronger. Maximum disclosure by the Board is part of holding the Board accountable so the Federation will ensure all practitioners know what their rights are, or where to go to find the information that they want.

This introduction has outlined the Federations vision and shows it is a true industry based organisation created to ensure the industry is treated fairly and with equality. If the industry is performing well then so are the associated businesses such as yours. Already other industries in similar situations are looking to us for inspiration.

When we have noting to complain about we have succeeded.